lines that that i particularly like or that will never be in full-sized poems.

wildflowers bloom among the rubble.
is this not a kind of redemption?
the sun makes me ethereal
am i an angel now?
you are a living, breathing
highlight of my life
i want to see other planets, i want to experience the end of history, i want to see it all play out, i want to know everything i want i want i want-
spring is a thousand part harmony
but you have always been my favorite note
they hear singing in the crashing water,
taste heaven burning the back of their throat
i am learning to be gentle,
starting with myself.
dark soil rests there now,
and the beginnings of wildflowers
the red-hot grief of it has faded
into muted nostalgia,
sepia-toned and gentle.
i forgive you; i do.
but don’t you think for a second
that means that you can come back.
you were broken glass, but my moonlit heart made you into diamonds.
you are the one who taught my shoulders to slump.

that girl is dead and gone
she left her ghost to carry on
that girl is dead
and in her place is me.