not a person

​i get it now. i do.
what you want is not a person.
what you want is a receptacle
for all your stories and feelings and philosphies;
you want something that will nod and smile
and make noises in all the right places.
you don’t want a person,
but you think you do.

and that’s where i came in.
i’m quiet enough to be a receptacle-
i am the container you pour your thoughts into,
and now you’re not comfortable with thinking of me
as anything other than a container.
see, the instant i didn’t just allow you to walk all over me,
said no, i’m not comfortable with that,
you dropped me like i was trash.
that is not how you treat a person.
that is how you treat a broken container.

the problem is, i am a person.
i’m not a receptacle, and
what we had was not a relationship.
i know that now.


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