fairy tale

we never attended the ball. we bailed at the last minute, sitting on the hood of your car in our dresses under the stars. the dancing went on without us but there was nowhere we’d rather be.

prince charming never came. we were too busy, warm nights under the cool moon, to notice if he did. we took turns playacting, laughing at each other’s impressions of royalty. we never needed saving. we saved each other.

we slept under my roof, your roof, no roof. we slept and slept and slept on drowsy summer days, sweaty and reveling in it. we slept in cars on long drives, falling in love with the way streetlights illuminated our faces. we woke to sunrises and soft touches.

we were strangers once, but that time seems so far gone i can hardly imagine it. i know you like i know my own soul. your eyes are as familiar as mine. we look in the mirror and see the shadows of each other.

ours is a fractured fairy tale, but a fairy tale nonetheless.


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